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Increase Trade Show Booth Traffic with Basic Promotion Tips

Tradeshows represent a big investment. The cost of the exhibit and related services and utilities are just the beginning. Travel and lodging costs for staff will often double the total cost.

Optimize your return on investment with some supporting promotion.

graph_increaseAt a major show, the average trade show attendee will spend more than 2 minutes in just 26 booths. There are in excess of 1000 booths in most major shows!

You should do everything possible to increase the chances that your booth will be one of these 26 for your most important prospects. Some promotion is easy, and also either cheap or free! You should touch every base for every conference where you exhibit.

  1. Modify your email signature
  2. Contact all of your prime prospects to set appointments
  3. Put a notice in every shipment
  4. Mention your booth number in your ads
  5. Put a banner ad on your own website
  6. When you invite people to your booth, tell them what’s in it for them
  7. Take the time to fill out the show’s exhibitor profile
  8. Take advantage of any publisher-offered opportunities for pre-show publicity
  9. Wear your logo shirt or badge at all times
  10. Use Social Media to create excitement about your booth

Following these basic promotion tips will attract the most important prospects! Let’s Talk.

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Naturex – Vegetable Juices, Inc.

Garden of Life – Deck

Garden of Life

Mr. Bar-B-Q

RCF – dB Technologies

Win Over Your Prospect Before Giving Away Literature at a Trade Show

Should I Give Away Literature at My Trade Show?

This is probably the most common strategic question that an exhibit marketing professional faces. When asked for my opinion, my reply is “reluctantly”.

brochure_stackThe biggest problem with literature in the booth is not the cost, weight or other logistical problems, it is that the “do you have any literature” line coming from a prospect is the worst blow off that a booth staffer can get. Once the literature is handed to the attendee, it is very difficult to keep the conversation going. What’s more, a large portion of the literature ends up in the convention center trash cans.

You do need to have some literature available in the booth but you can extend a conversation and gather much more critical information from the prospect by offering to deliver or send the literature after the show. You come away with a completed lead card and have the opportunity to schedule a follow-up call or visit. Providing literature in the form of a DVD or other digital media has more perceived value and is more likely to be taken back to the office than traditional printed pieces.

Using this approach reduces costs in shipping, drayage, rental of literature racks and helps the environment by reducing the amount of brochures in convention center trash cans. We can help! Let’s Talk.